Advantages of our NATURA+surface

Traditionally oxidatively oiled, but still ready for immediate use

At ADLER PARKETT we have been able to develop and clearly improve the traditional technique of oxidative oil surface treatment. Thus our NATURA+ oiled parquet offers all the advantages of an oxidatively oiled parquet flooring but is still ready for immediate use following installation. There are numerous other advantages in addition to this that you can enjoy when you buy our oiled Adler wooden floorboards.

Save time and money with ready to use parquet

All our wooden floorboards are oiled at our factory. The NATURA+ surface treatment means that our Adler parquet is ready for you to move in as soon as it has been installed. In other words: no finish treatment is necessary after installation for private use of the parquet surface.

It is only for heavy use flooring areas, such as in the commercial sector, that we recommend an additional finish treatment following installation. By doing this you can ensure that the sensitive edges are given sufficient protection and your Adler parquet will stay as new for a long time, even with heavy use.

Direct contact with wood that is warm to the feet

NATURA+ works deep inside the wood, so that the wood surface and its natural, resistant structure are maintained. No disruptive film of varnish, wax or UV oil, which impedes direct contact with the wooden floor. And the best thing: A wooden flooring that is oiled with NATURA+ is always warm to your feet. Under-floor heating appears to work more efficiently too because the wooden flooring radiates its own natural warm and homeliness.

Easy to care for and resistant

After the treatment we carry out at the factory the oil penetrates deep into the wood and crystallises inside the wood cells. This effectively strengthens the wood structure from the inside. After hardening with a lot of oxygen the surface is robust and at the same time breathable and open. You can maintain this resistance for a long time with suitable care.

Correct care is very easy. Besides regular sweeping and vacuuming you just mop your wooden flooring at intervals of one to two weeks with some nourishing WOCA wooden floor soap in the mopping water. In contrast to varnished floors, which may only be damp wiped you can and should mop your NATURA+ parquet with more water. Please only use natural fibre cloths and not microfibre because microfibres roughen the structure of the wood and thus make the floor more susceptible to dirt.

Regular and correct care with WOCA wooden floor soap will clean dust from the pores in the wood and add protective oil substances from coconut and soy fats to the wood that support the natural resistance of the wood. Smaller pressure points and scratches usually even out on their own with wet care. Your floor stays as new and no sanding is necessary.

Low wear and easy to repair

Because your wooden flooring does not have a film-forming surface, scratches and damage can be resolved at any time with gentle sanding and oiling in the relevant area with no need to process the entire parquet surface.

If the surface of your parquet appears to be very worn overall, for example if it begins to look matt or grey, then we recommend regenerating the flooring. Depending on the level of wear this kind of regeneration should be carried out about once a year. To do this the surface is cleaned and degreased thoroughly with the corresponding care products and then re-oiled.

Full sanding of the entire floor surface is only necessary in rare cases and should only be carried out if all other care and cleaning measures have been ineffective

Diffusible and regulates your room climate

The NATURA+ oiled surface keeps your wooden floorboards almost as breathable as they were in their raw condition. We make good use of this characteristic with regular wet care with WOCA wood floor soap in the mopping water. When you mop your floor with water it takes in moisture and only emits it gradually to the environment. Thus the parquet ensures a balanced level of humidity and thus a healthy room climate. If the air in the room is very dry then the use of humidifiers may still be of benefit.

No infiltration of the surface with moisture

The more intensively your wooden floor surface is hardened in the air the more robust and water-repellent your Adler parquet will be. Moisture can penetrate the wood through the open pores on its surface but it can also leave again freely without leaving its mark. Ugly, black infiltration traces that you may have seen on varnished, UV-oiled or waxed floors cannot be formed thanks to the diffusible NATURA+ surface.

Free of static charge

The surface of your Adler parquet with NATURA+ surface is open-pored, breathable and natural. Static charges and whirls of fluff don’t stand a chance. This makes your flooring highly suitable for those suffering from allergies or for offices with extensive computer equipment.

Environmental compatibility of the oil and care products

The traditional oil surface on our parquet needs only oxygen in order to harden. This means our wooden floorboards are completely free of plastics, synthetic resins or synthetic wax. Thus disposal by decay or burning is unproblematic.

The WOCA series of care products is purely based on soap. Test results certify its harmlessness