Oxidatively oiled and naturally beautiful

Adler engineered wooden flooring NATURA+ surface is oxidatively oiled by us and hardened with pure oxygen. This means that the surface stays breathable and acquires a matt sheen. The result is beautiful parquet flooring and the natural radiance is further emphasised through the unique NATURA+ oil surface.

The surface treatment NATURA+ is based on traditional oil treatment but has been decisively improved by us. For you this means: you can enjoy all the advantages of a traditional, oxidatively oiled parquet flooring while your floor is nevertheless ready for use as soon as it is installed.

Oxidatively oiled – What does that really mean?

When the surface of the wood is treated oxidatively with oil the wood is hardened using pure oxygen. The oil components crystallise deep in the wood, giving it good, almost invisible protection. In contrast to traditional surfaces like varnish, wax or a UV-dried oil surface, which form a thin film on the surface of the wood, the NATURA+ oil penetrates deep into the top layer of the parquet and completely fills the pores in the wood. After it has been hardened with a lot of oxygen in the wood cells the oil effectively strengthens the wood structure from the inside. This gives the top layer of your parquet a very hard-wearing and robust structure with an almost invisible, naturally matt surface that still remains open and diffusible.

The best way to notice the effect is to walk barefoot across a parquet with a NATURA+ oil surface; you will be able to clearly detect the feeling of direct contact with the wood. No layer of varnish or wax to separate you from your wooden floor and no layer to wear or flake off.