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Healthy and environmentally-friendly parquet for your home

Wood is a natural raw material that lives and breathes. It takes in moisture and warmth and then emits them again. We maintain these wonderful, natural characteristics of wood through particularly natural processing and surface treatment of the woods that we use. Oxidatively oiled parquet with its open-pored surface is a core competence at Adler. Our NATURA+ parquet makes a particular contribution to a healthy and balanced indoor climate thanks to the oxidative oil surface.

Healthy parquet for your health and well-being

We make sure that only environmentally flawless and hygienically harmless materials are used in the manufacture of our parquet. Of course we abide by all European norms in this. Furthermore it is also our standard that our products fulfil even the highest requirements for healthy living. That is why we only use glues, varnishes and oils in the manufacture of our parquet that are proven to be free of formaldehyde. We have thus succeeded in having those of our products that are offered with spruce as their core materials classified as “formaldehyde-free parquet” (E0 = formaldehyde emission in accordance with EN717-1). The emission of formaldehyde is only within the limits of the natural wood. We name this value E0 (in comparision E1 <120 µg / m³ = 1 ppm).

In additional also all other values of emission as to PCP, VOC and SVOC are much below the limits of the lable of the ECO institute.

Our products are constantly subjected to complex emission and quality testing in order to ensure the health and well-being of our customers as well as that of our staff and the parquet installation workers.

Save energy with the right flooring

Its optimum heat conductivity means that parquet is substantially warmer under foot than other smooth flooring materials. Experience has shown that you switch your heating on substantially later if you have parquet flooring than if you have other flooring types. This effect is intensified even further if you have oxidatively oiled parquet. Thus your untreated wood flooring helps you to save energy and therefore also save your cash.

Good ecological assessment for parquet

Its long lifespan is another point in favour of parquet as the long-term use of the parquet contributes to the conservation of resources. Floors with an oxidative oil surface are particularly easy to renovate, making their lifespan usually even longer, which underlines the positive ecological value. And if you do want to dispose of your parquet one day then nothing stands in the way of a thermal disposal as wood does not emit any more CO2 than it has stored in the decades and centuries before.

In brief: CHATEAU BY ADLER is the first choice for our environment and for your health!


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