Château by adler - Made in Germany

What are Châteauplanks exactly?

Unlike normal planks, lock planks are particularly long and wide planks. For us, this means that our multi-layered castle floorboards in oak and Douglas fir have a width of up to 350 mm. We can produce lengths of up to 5 m for you individually without any problems, but also room-length planks up to about 10 m in length.

The top coverings of the castle floorboards are always sawn from the logs in the corresponding precious woods in our own sawmill in Dirlewang / Allgäu, in Southern Germany close to Munich, dried, trimmed to the dimensions but also sorted. Afterwards, the decking is further processed in the castle floorboard production until finally your high-quality chateau floor is manufactured.

In addition to oak chateau floorboards in a wide variety of surface treatments, such as hand-cut or saw-cut, we also offer you a domestic Douglasia floorboard, as well as a chateau floorboard made of domestic ash or Styrian larch. A very exclusive castle floorboard is made from the very valuable American walnut. Here, too, the wear layers are sawn in our factory.