Unique and distinctive: Deluxe floorboards made of Ash

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Ash is a noble hardwood native to Europe. After Beech and Oak, it ranks among central Europe’s most important hardwood timber, thanks to the quality of its wood. With a height of up to 40 meters, it also counts among the highest hardwood trees in Europe. It grows in large numbers primarily in moist floodplain forests and in drier areas where its main competitor, the Beech, hardly survives.

A distinguishing feature of Ash wood is its characteristic dark brown heartwood, strongly contrasting with the surrounding white wood. This striking brown heartwood lends each floorboard a very unique appearance.

The colour of our Château floor in Ash

Ash wood will soon turn yellowish under UV light. To slightly soften this yellowing, we will oil our Ash floorboards with a stain pigmented off-white:

Please note: Pictures are not binding, since they can only approximate the actual colour and texture of the parquet. Wood is a natural product. Surface colour and texture depend on the specific characteristics of the wood and the unique properties of each tree.

with brownheart, swiss oiled

What you also need to know about our Ash Deluxe floorboard

Ash long floorboards contain no additional formaldehyde and has general technical building authority approval.

See below for much more useful information. For further technical details, please refer to PDF document “Technical Product Data Sheet”, available for download at our Infothek

Dimensions available Château by adler Ash

Our Ash floorboards are 19 millimetres thick and have a 4.5 millimetre thick top layer made of sawcut veneer. The floorboard widths range from 160 to 300 millimetres. Floorboard lengths range from 1.6 to 5.0 metres. We can also on request manufacture longer floorboards. Please contact us in this respect.

Grading Château by adler Ash

The “Château by adler” Ash floorboards are generally available as “Standard” grading, with branches and brown heartwood.

The timber for the long and wide Deluxe floorboards may exhibit slight cracks as a result of shrinkage and wind stress. The large dimensions and natural shrinkage may also encourage minor surface cracks due to stress and drying.

Surface treatment & colour variations Château by adler Ash

We refine our Ash long floorboards with our NATURA+ oxidative surface treatment.

Wood is a natural product. Colour deviations may occur both between different product batches and within a batch, depending on the substances the wood contains and on its grain. These individual colours are distinctive and certify the authenticity of the natural timber product.

Laying & underfloor heating Château by adler Ash

The Deluxe floorboard comprises 3 layers with 19 millimetres overall thickness. The large widths and lengths will require full spread gluing.

The thermal resistance of the multi-layered Deluxe floorboards is ca. 0.16 m²k / W (as per EN 14342), thus rendering it suitable for laying on hot water underfloor heating.

The maximum surface temperature of 26°C should not be exceeded. Please refer to our laying instructions under Downloads and the information provided under “All about Parquets” for comprehensive laying guidelines on underfloor heating.

Care & ambient conditions Château by adler Ash

You should give your noble Ash Deluxe flooring the care it deserves to ensure that you may enjoy it for many years to come.

Always ensure that your ambient room conditions remain healthy to ensure both your own health and that of your parquet floor. Relative humidity of ca. 50 – 60% and room temperatures between 19 and 22°C would be ideal. Your wooden floor may be damaged unless these guideline values are maintained. The danger of drying out exists especially during heating periods, potentially causing shrinkage cracks in the worst case. Normally such cracks will, however, largely close up again as the room climate improves. The glued layers may also experience shrinkage stress in the event of sudden moisture change.

Certification options Château by adler Ash

As an option, we can also offer you our Ash Deluxe floorboards as 100% PEFC certified parquet. Depending on the wood sources we also might be able to offer a FSC® certified product. Please contact us in this respect.

Our Château parquet steals our thunder

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